Elson’s No Fan Of White’s Animal Obsession

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September 9, 2010 | 11:55am EST

Jack White’s passion for stuffed animals lands him in hot water with his model wife Karen Elson – she has begged him to stop bringing the macabre souvenirs home from concerts.

The White Stripes rocker is a big fan of taxidermy and has a wide collection of lifelike dead creatures at the couple’s home in Nashville, Tennessee.

But his obsession is getting out of hand – and Elson dreads White heading out on tour as he always returns with a stuffed exotic animal.

She tells Harper’s Bazaar, “He loves a good stuffed animal, my husband, to the point where… (I say) ‘Please don’t come off tour with another creature.’ I mean, some of the stuff is beautiful but… they’re his, not mine.”