Elton Goes Gaga Over Pop’s First Lady

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October 8, 2010 | 8:50pm EST

Elton John can’t wait to work with Lady Gaga again because he considers the colourful pop star his “b**tard daughter”.
The two stars teamed up for a theatrical performance at the Grammy Awards earlier this year and Elton admits he’s “smitten” with the Paparazzi singer.

He says, “She and I come from exactly the same place… I love her and I love her ability to write.”

And the Brit tells Entertainment Weekly magazine his pal Lady Gaga is about to become an even bigger star when her new album is released next year.

He adds, “It’s f**king amazing. Born This Way, which is the title song, will completely get rid of Gloria Gaynor’s I Will Survive. This is the new I Will Survive… This is the new gay anthem.”