Emma Watson Is A Music Video Star

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June 28, 2010 | 11:08am EST

Harry Potter star Emma Watson is giving her musician boyfriend a helping hand, by starring in his new video.

Watson began dating One Night Stand singer George Craig when they appeared together in a Burberry advertising campaign.

She confirmed their relationship at the weekend, and also let slip about her cameo appearance in the band’s new video.

The clip was filmed in New York and shows Watson and Craig being chased around the streets of the Big Apple.

She explains, “I just really wanted to be involved somehow (in his music) and we did the video together. It was very much our idea. It’s kind of an ode to Lady and the Tramp. George is Tramp and I’m Lady.

“George finds me (because) I’m lost and in a dodgy part of New York. He slowly wins me over and there’s a bit of a twist at the end.”