Enrique Iglesias Finds Female Intruder At Beach House

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February 7, 2014 | 7:26am EST

Enrique Iglesias was shocked to discover a semi-naked female fan in the grounds of his home last month after she swam up to the property and climbed over the sea wall.
The singer was at home with his longtime girlfriend Anna Kournikova when he found the woman wandering around the grounds of his mansion in Miami, Florida clad in nothing but her underwear.
Iglesias called his security team to remove the woman, who had approached the property through dangerous waters, but the singer took pity on her and Kournikova even offered some clothes to keep her warm.
The pop star tells Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, “She climbed up a sea wall and I woke up and saw her wandering around. I was like, ‘What is this?’ You can only get to my place by water and it can be dangerous. Security grabbed her and wanted to know if I would press charges but I would never do that. The first thing I did was go and see if she was OK. I went to the guard house and she was soaking wet – it was a cold day. I was shocked that she had taken the risk.
“My girlfriend was nice enough to give her some clothes and we took her back to her hotel room and made sure she was OK. My girlfriend is very sweet when it comes down to things like that.”