Este Haim: ‘I Nearly Died On Glastonbury Stage’

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June 28, 2013 | 6:54pm EST

Diabetic Haim rocker Este Haim feared she would die in front of thousands of revellers onstage at Britain’s Glastonbury festival after her blood-sugar ran dangerously low during the band’s set.
The sibling trio was performing on the main stage of the event on Friday when the bassist was taken ill and walked off.
She eventually returned and told the crowd diabetes was to blame for her ill turn, and she has now revealed she had forgotten to eat before the performance and feared she would die.
Haim tells NME, “I almost died. We were in the middle of a song and I’m diabetic and I didn’t eat before my set like a smart, good diabetic does, and I remember not being able to feel my arms, and I was like, ‘This is not a normal feeling when I’m playing music’.
“And I thought that I was gonna pass out and my eyes kind of glazed over at the end of the song and I had to go offstage because I thought that I was going to die in front of 25,000 people.”
The rocker’s illness was not the only incident during Haim’s set – a TV screen at the side of the stage broadcasting their performance caught fire and had to be shut down, according to BBC presenter Gemma Cairney.