Evan Rachel Wood Suffers Burst Capillaries On Film Set

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August 6, 2014 | 11:16am EST

Evan Rachel Wood is nursing an ugly-looking rash around her eyes after bursting blood vessels during a highly-emotional movie scene.
The Wrestler actress is currently working on a new apocalypse drama called Into The Forest and she took to Twitter.com to share a picture of her onset mishap.
The picture shows Wood’s face covered in painful-looking red spots with the caption, “Filmed a scene today that was so emotional, I broke all the capillaries in my eyes. Just another day on #IntoTheForest.”
When one of her followers expressed concern that she might have suffered an allergic reaction, Wood revealed she had a similar problem when she gave birth to her son last year, adding, “No not an allergy, it happened to me during childbirth as well. It goes back to normal after a while.”