Family Emails Keep Alexa Ray Joel From Depression

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December 5, 2010 | 7:00pm EST

Billy Joel’s daughter Alexa Ray regularly emails her divorced father and mother Christie Brinkley as if they were still together because imagining they are a happy family stops her from feeling depressed.
Singer Alexa Ray Joel was hospitalised last December when she experienced breathing difficulties after taking an overdose of homeopathic medication Traumeel. She blamed her breakdown on a fight with her then on/off boyfriend Jimmy Riot.

She has since moved on from her former love and battled back from the brink of depression.

Ray Joel insists she is now in a “great” place in her life – and the support of her parents, who remain close after their 1994 split, has helped her immensely.

She tells the New York Post, “It’s important for me to feel that the three of us are a family. I email them both together a lot, saying, ‘Hey, Mom and Pop…’

And she’s confident she’s put her troubles behind her once and for all.

She says, “I don’t like to believe in depression. I believe if you work hard enough, you can get yourself out of it.

“I work on myself every day. I’m trying to rearrange my life in a way to feel happy and fulfilled. I used to think, ‘Why can’t I wake up and be ecstatic today?’ Well, you have to work at that.

“I’m in a great place this year, where you start accepting yourself.”