Family Of Tragic Transformers Extra ‘saddened’ Over Ruling

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October 13, 2010 | 9:10pm EST

The family of the extra who was critically injured on the set of Transformers 3 has slammed officials for clearing film producers over the incident.
Gabriela Cedillo, 24, was airlifted to hospital in Indiana last month after a cable holding a car on the set of Michael Bay’s third film in the franchise snapped and sliced open her skull.

She reportedly suffered brain damage and has been left paralysed down one side of her body.

Her family is currently taking legal action against movie bosses over the incident, but, following an investigation by the Indiana Occupation Safety and Health Administration (IOSHA), officials have now concluded that producers did all they could to make the set as safe as possible and they won’t face any further action.

A representative for the IOSHA said, “(The accident occurred) due to the failure of a weld connecting a car to a cable. The weld was made by a certified welder and all necessary safety precautions were in place. No citations or fines will be issued. This was an unfortunate and unforeseeable accident.”

But now Cedillo’s relatives have spoken out, stating they are “deeply saddened and disappointed” over the ruling – and they argue that just because producers used a certified welder does not mean they should be cleared of all blame.

The family tells in a statement, “The mere fact that the welding was performed by a certified welder… does not in any way suggest that the weld was performed properly. In fact the evidence is clear that it was done in a slip-shod fashion.

“It is simply irresponsible for even a local government bureaucrat to rush to such sloppy conclusions.”