Fans Hospitalized After Drama At OMD Gig

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March 20, 2011 | 7:30pm EST

Reunited Omd’s concert at the South by Southwest festival in Texas on Friday was marred by a pre-show accident which left four fans injured.
Camera equipment suspended above the sell-out crowd at Stubbs collapsed just before the band was about to take the stage.

Worried frontman Andy McCluskey sounded the alert by walking onstage, picking up a microphone and stating, “I think we need some help up here.”

The start of the gig was delayed to allow medical staff to get to those hit by the falling equipment.

All four fans were taken to hospital with minor injuries. Three were helped out of the venue on stretchers, according to eyewitnesses.

Reports suggest a photographer caught taking pictures of the bloodied fans was forcibly removed from the show by police.

McCluskey posted his observations about the accident and injuries online after the gig, writing, “Once we realized what had actually happened, and that there were people who needed medical treatment it was obvious that we could not start playing… I expected the concert to be canceled.

“We just waited to see if the injured were going to be OK… Once the police said it was fine to play we decided that we should at least do something for those who had paid money and waited until 1:30 a.m. Even though the 2a.m. curfew would not be pushed back!”

The Joan of Arc singer also pledged never to return to South by Southwest: “Strange gigs, at stupid times, in c**p venues with impossible turn around times. It seems that it is now so big that in reality it is a waste of time for new or unsigned bands as people only have time to find the gigs by bands that they have heard of.”