Farrell Ready To Work With Knightley Again

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November 24, 2010 | 4:05am EST

Colin Farrell is desperate to land another project with Keira Knightley after their turn in London Boulevard – insisting it was easy to work with her because she is so “gorgeous and lovely”.
The Irish actor plays an ex-convict who falls in love with Knightley’s reclusive actress character in the upcoming crime movie.

Farrell admits he is in awe of the Pirates of the Caribbean actress – and he’s determined to appear onscreen with her again.

He tells Britain’s Live From Studio Five, “She is gorgeous. She’s really gorgeous and lovely – a lovely woman and incredibly smart and bright and talented and creative and generous. She was lovely, I mean she really was, so it was easy working with her.

“I was a really big fan of her work beforehand and even more of a fan of her work afterwards. I wish I got to work more with her, I really did. I felt like it was kind of just a rehearsal for maybe some other thing that maybe I’d be lucky enough to get the chance to do with her at some stage.”