FBI Investigate Death Threats To Conrad Murray’s Lawyer

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November 5, 2013 | 7:29am EST

Officers at the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are investigating death threats aimed at Dr. Conrad Murray’S lawyer.
Valerie Wass has become a target of some Michael Jackson fanatics since Murray’s release from a Los Angeles prison last month, where he had been incarcerated since 2011 after being found guilty of administering the fatal dose of anaesthetic which claimed the singer’s life in June, 2009.
According to editors at TMZ.com, FBI officials are investigating death threats sent to Wass, who reportedly started to receive harsh letters after she continued to defend Murray following his release.
The threats include messages such as, “One blow to the head is all you need,” and “Better get that hair brushed and be ready because MJ fans will be everywhere setting yours and Murray’s lies straight”.
In a video captured on the night Murray exited his cell, Wass can be seen confronting a fan who claims the doctor is a murderer. Wass fires back, “If you were not so ignorant, you would know he was not convicted of murder!”