Ferry’s Son Escapes Knife Charge

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May 20, 2011 | 4:00am EST

Rocker Bryan Ferry’s son Merlin has escaped a weapons charge after he was caught carrying a Gurkha knife earlier this year.
The 20 year old, who is the youngest child of the Roxy Music hitmaker, was arrested in February after officers found the deadly weapon strapped to his leg.

Merlin Ferry was charged with possessing a knife in a public place and elected for trial by jury.

But after claiming the knife was just part of a costume, the charge was dropped on Thursday and he walked free from a court in Manchester, England.

Ferry was told to “keep his head down” and was given a 12-month order to keep the peace, but the ruling has been met with outrage from John O’Connor, former Scotland Yard Flying Squad commander.

O’Connor tells Britain’s Daily Express, “It is outrageous that you can walk around with a deadly blade like that and get off scot-free. Knife crime is a serious problem and there is never an excuse to be on the street with a weapon. It makes a mockery of the law. If someone was going to a fancy dress party with a real machine gun they wouldn’t be let off, would they?”

Ferry says, “It was silly but I was in fancy dress.”