Film Assistant Allegedly Attacked On Set Of Gordon-Levitt Movie

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August 8, 2010 | 6:30pm EST

Filming on the New York set of Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s new movie Premium Rush was interrupted on Saturday when a production assistant was allegedly headbutted by an angry local.

Set worker Steve Lafferty was left with a bloody nose after he was confronted by 43-year-old Breffny Flynn as he attempted to prevent pedestrians from walking across the street in Manhattan’s Upper West Side while they were filming.

Heavyweight resident Flynn reportedly flew into a rage when Lafferty told him he had to wait a few minutes to cross the road and is said to have shouted, “I live here! I pay taxes! Don’t tell me what to do, motherf**ker! I gotta get to the store!”

Flynn’s wife claims Lafferty provoked the alleged attack by pushing him back, reports the New York Post.

Describing the injuries Lafferty sustained, crew member Michael Singleton says, “There was a big gush of blood. It looked like his nose was broken, and his eyes were puffy.”

The production assistant was admitted to the city’s St. Luke’s Hospital and police arrested Flynn on suspicion of assault. He was subsequently released from custody and ordered to appear in court at a later date.

Saturday’s incident wasn’t the first time paramedics were called to the film set – actor Gordon-Levitt was briefly hospitalized last week after slashing his arm in a bike crash stunt scene.

Gordon-Levitt and his co-star Dania Ramirez were not on set at the time of the reported attack.

The action thriller is set for release next year.