Filmmakers Land Real CBGB Bar, Urinals, Decor For New Film

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August 12, 2012 | 6:31pm EST

Exclusive by Kev Lewin

Urinals, neon signs and even the bar from the original CBGB club in New York were pulled out of storage and shipped to Georgia for a new film about the fabled punk venue.
Late owner Hilly Kristal kept artifacts from his legendary Bowery haunt after he was forced to close CBGB in 2008 and the dusty items helped give Randall Miller’s new movie about the place added authenticity when the producers were offered free range of the forgotten decor.
Film spokesperson Nadine Jolson tells WENN, “Hilly knew this stuff had historical value and he ripped it all out before shutting CBGB down. It represented over three decades of music history.
“When we started work on the film in Savannah, we were offered the bar, telephone booth, urinals and various bits of CBGB history. It’s amazing. The bar has all these names scrawled on it.”
But actress Ashley Greene, who plays Kristal’s daughter Lisa in the film, had a shock when she had to use the original club cash register in one scene.
Jolson explains, “She opened it and there was the skeleton of a dead mouse in there.”
The CBGB artifacts have now been returned to storage. The new owners of the items hope to recreate the club for real at another venue.