Fired Flaming Lips Drummer Apologizes For Drama

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May 14, 2014 | 3:56am EST

Fired Flaming Lips drummer Kliph Scurlock has apologized for remarks he made about the band’s frontman Wayne Coyne, insisting the singer is not a racist.
The bandmates fell out after Scurlock ripped into Coyne’s musician friend Christina Fallin for donning a Native American headdress for a promotional photo.
His social media comments upset the singer and led to him ending his professional relationship with Scurlock, who then approached music website and vented his frustrations about Coyne and the Fallin controversy.
Last week, Coyne fired back at the drummer in a Rolling Stone interview, during which he called his ex-bandmate a “compulsive pathological liar”, adding, “He knows we struggled with him for years,” and now Scurlock has apologized for the drama in a new post.
He writes, “I know that dude (Coyne) really, really well and I can say in no uncertain terms that he is absolutely NOT a racist. He’s a lot like me in that he doesn’t understand the depths of a lot of things. Because we, as a nation, do not understand.”
He adds, “I see that I wasn’t the perfect soldier in the band I painted myself to be (and thought I was.) There were lots of things I wasn’t the least bit interested in… that I would just simply skate out of and not participate in. I operated under the delusion that it didn’t matter (and it ultimately didn’t. Those records got made or are getting made whether I’m around or not), but I can see how it might look to the other guys in the band and how it might cast doubts on my ultimate allegiance to said band. If that’s what they were or are thinking, they’re correct.
“As far as the Flaming Lips are concerned, you’re either all in or you’re all out. And that’s an attitude I admire and part of what was so appealing to me when I joined that band in the first place. I have deluded myself over the past couple of years into thinking I was all in when I wasn’t. I thought I could participate when it was something I was interested in and go off and do other things when it was something I wasn’t. And that’s a bulls**t attitude.
“I’m ashamed that I’m only now realizing it. I’ve thought a lot about my time with that band in the month and a half since I was fired and I can’t believe I operated under the delusion of, ‘everything was great and then all of a sudden Wayne flipped out and fired me because I called a friend of his a spoiled rich wannabe-hipster socialite c**t’.”