Firefighters Put Pyrotechnic Ban On Gaga’s New York Show

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February 23, 2011 | 4:00am EST

New York fire service officials banned Lady Gaga from using pyrotechnics when she performed in Madison Square Garden on Monday, because they were deemed too risky.
The Poker Face hitmaker took to the stage in her native city, in front of celebrity guests including Sir Paul McCartney.

Gaga was told she wouldn’t be allowed to carry out a stunt involving setting her piano alight during the gig.

But the superstar insisted she didn’t mind following orders for once – and even dedicated the set to the firefighters and victims of the terrorist attacks which hit the city in 2001.

She told the crowd, “I was here on 9/11 in high school so God bless the fire department. I’m usually a jacka** when they tell me I can’t set the piano on fire. So, this is me being a nerd to the town I love.”

Gaga then dedicated track You and I to “anyone who has lost someone in the last 10 years”.