Firth Is Flourishing At 50

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January 10, 2011 | 4:10am EST

British actor Colin Firth has no qualms about getting older in Hollywood – because he’s convinced his career has improved since he hit middle age.
Firth, who turned 50 last year, insists his maturity is to thank for the “far more interesting” projects he has been offered in recent years.

He tells Saga magazine, “I find that the work I’m getting involved in now is far more interesting than it’s ever been because I’m old enough to play people who have a real past.

“That puts you in a very interesting place as an actor. I’m getting these opportunities because of the age I am.”

The Brit has already been tipped for an Academy Award for his role in The King’s Speech, a film which earned him the Best Actor trophy at the Palm Springs Film Festival in California on Saturday.