Flavor Flav Settles Traffic Cases

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May 2, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Rapper Flavor Flav has settled his outstanding legal issues following his arrest in Las Vegas on Friday.
The Public Enemy star, real name William Drayton, Jr., was pulled over by a cop for a routine traffic violation, but a search of his name turned up four outstanding warrants for the hip-hop veteran, each stemming from vehicular charges.

He was booked and released, but Flav was left angered by the police stop, and has hit out at the arresting officer for allegedly trying to “make a name for himself” by booking a famous face.

In a series of posts on Twitter.com, he writes, “I got pulled over by a curious Rookie A** Cop… He found out I had a traffic warrant, wanted to make a name for himself, took me in and now I’m home laying (in) my bed. what’s the big deal?!”

But the trip to the police station gave Flav the opportunity to settle his legal issues, including driving without a license and driving without proof of insurance.

He adds, “At least, I cleared up my s**t… some people are still on the run!”