Foo Fighters Video Incorporates Seismic Show

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February 1, 2012 | 2:11pm EST

The Foo Fighters have commemorated their earth-shaking gig in New Zealand by using footage from the concert in their latest music video.
The band made rock history on 13 December when two seismic stations near their show in Auckland registered earthquake-level tremors during their performance, picking up frequencies at volcanic levels during the highs of the Foos’ set.

The rockers were thrilled with the feat and have compiled behind-the-scenes clips and live footage from the ground-rattling show in the video for their new single, These Days.

Frontman Dave Grohl tells The Hollywood Reporter, “I didn’t notice when it was happening, but our sound guy who was in the middle of the field could feel the ground moving up and down.

“After we were finished, the entire road crew said, ‘Did you f**kin’ feel the stage moving?’ And this was a massive festival stage! It was f**kin’ crazy.”

Grohl also described “bouncing cabinets” and the shaking dirt ground, adding, “That’s what it takes to cause an earthquake.”