Former Celine Dion Employee Rejected $10,000 Severance Pay

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June 29, 2012 | 4:16am EST

A representative for Celine Dion has fired back at allegations the superstar owes a disgruntled former employee compensation for working overtime, insisting the plaintiff was always well paid.
Keith Sturtevent filed suit against the singer and her manager husband Rene Angelil on Wednesday, claiming he was hired as a warehouse manager and made to work more than 40 hours a week on a regular basis at the couple’s Florida home in 2009, running errands and completing manual jobs around their lavish estate.
Sturtevent stated he was initially paid $50,000 a year, before earning a raise to $63,000 , but he was labelled an ‘exempt employee’, meaning he was not entitled to overtime under U.S. law.
However, Dion’s spokesperson has challenged the ex-worker’s accusations, insisting his “handsome yearly salary” already covered any overtime he completed in his three years of service, reports
Sturtevent was fired last month due to poor performance, but Dion and Angelil wanted to make the transition as comfortable as possible for him and even offered vacation pay and a $10,000 severance package – which he rejected.