Foster Fought For Arm-cutting Scene

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March 17, 2011 | 10:05pm EST

Jodie Foster fought to keep an arm-cutting scene in her new movie The Beaver when financiers felt the gruesome moment would turn off cinemagoers.
The actress reveals the scene had been a pivotal part of the script since long before she was attached to star and direct the film – and she wasn’t aboutto let it go just because some money men were squeamish.

She tells The Hollywood Reporter, “A lot of places were categorical that, if his arm comes off, they don’t want to be involved in the movie.

“(Producer Steve) Golin went so far as to create a script where the arm didn’t come off and I was like, ‘Why would you even tell his story?'”

The movie, complete with Mel Gibson’s amputation scene, debuted at the South by Southwest arts festival and conference on Wednesday.