Foster Snapped Shoulder During Film Stunt

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January 23, 2011 | 6:30pm EST

Actor Ben Foster discovered stunt work can be a painful business on the set of new action film The Mechanic – after smashing his shoulder.
The 3:10 To Yuma star spent months training for the high-octane movie, in which he stars alongside Jason Statham, and he wasn’t about to let a little shoulder strain stop the production.

But when he started to hear snapping during one stunt scene and then realised he couldn’t move his shoulder when he woke the next morning, he had to reluctantly alert producers to the fact he may have seriously injured himself.

He tells WENN, “The night before the stunt we were doing the intro to the fight, where this character throws me against the wall and I fall. I asked to actually do the stunt and they said, ‘You don’t need to,’ and I said, ‘I do’.

“Anyway, I fell awkwardly on my shoulder and it snapped. I didn’t say anything and asked if we could end and they said they needed one more take, so I do it again and snap… masochism! We got if for the night and I go to bed and think I’m gonna shrug it off. I wake up and I can’t move my shoulder.

“That’s not a call you want to make to the producer: ‘You know that scene we were working on for three months… well, I can’t move!'”

Producers called in the doctor for Super Bowl champions the New Orleans Saints to help Foster get through the shoot.

He adds, “He got out a big syringe and pushed it in and squeezed it down; another shot, another shot and it loosened up. Whatever was in that syringe felt really good! And I could move. It was a mix of a lot of steroids, something for inflammation and a painkiller. I didn’t even want to know.

“There were a lot of side affects and I felt pretty aggressive that day. But I called him back when my shoulder tightened back up and he pumped me back up with the syringe and says, ‘I have never put this much into anybody. Have fun out there!’

“After all that, it was still really tight so we decided to go from my right hand to the left hand instead for the scene.”