Franklin Taps Little Known Star To Play In Her Biopic

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April 28, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Singer Aretha Franklin wants a little-known Broadway star to portray her in an upcoming biopic, after Halle Berry passed on the role.
The legendary singer has got her eye on Patina Miller, the star of Whoopi Goldberg’s musical Sister Act, for the role of the young Aretha – among others.

She says, “Finally we’ve got the financing, we’ve got the right producer. I’m waiting for the script… And there’s a new girl in the game now – Whoopi’s little girl from Sister Act.

“There’s (also) Fantasia (Barrino), there’s Jennifer (Hudson), and then the producer has some ideas.”

The Respect singer plans to check out Miller’s talents in person when she visits Sister Act on Sunday.

Franklin recently suggested Halle Berry should portray her in the film, but the X-Men star declined, insisting she didn’t feel comfortable taking on the part because she couldn’t sing.

The singer also has some other important casting ideas – she’d like Denzel Washington to play her father and Iron Man star Terrence Howard to portray Smokey Robinson.