Friedlander To Release Martial Arts Manual

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September 10, 2010 | 5:50pm EST

30 Rock funnyman Judah Friedlander has been mastering martial arts in a bid to teach fans how to fight in a new literary satire, entitled How To Beat Up Anybody.
The actor/comedian has signed a deal with HarperCollins to release How to Beat Up Anybody: An Instructional and Inspirational Karate Book by the World Champion.

A passage from the book boasts: “Finally a Karate book that prepares you for real-life dangerous situations! This book includes chapters on how to beat up Bigfoot, how to beat up someone with one arm, how to beat up someone with three arms, and how to beat up someone on a unicycle.

“Plus how to beat up street gangs, attackers with weapons, ninjas, dinosaurs, and gangs of street ninjas with weapons riding on dinosaurs!”

But Friedlander reveals, despite the comedy behind his new project, he is deadly serious about martial arts and he’s been studying self-defense for years.

He tells the New York Daily News, “I first started it about seven years ago, and the past 15 months I’ve been working on it non-stop.”

His book is set to hit shelves on 5 October.