Gael Garcia Bernal Calls On U.N. Officials To Make Mexican Violence A Priority

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March 14, 2018 | 4:57am EST

Coco star Gael Garcia Bernal has urged world leaders to put pressure on politicians in his native Mexico and end the violence and mass killings.
The actor is in Geneva, Switzerland ahead of a meeting with Human Rights Council officials at the United Nations, and on Tuesday he took part in a press conference, during which he highlighted the problems back home.
“Elections are coming, stakes are pretty high. This is the moment to overturn things,” he explained. “I don’t want to go into my 40s thinking that I am going to have systematic violence, systematic impunity in my country.”
Activists and U.N. investigators have accused Mexican security forces of a decade of crimes including murder, torture and kidnapping in the war on drugs, which has cost over 100,000 people their lives. And the problem isn’t slowing down as violence has marred to approaching presidential election in July.
Asked by reporters what he would be telling U.N. officials on Wednesday, the actor added, “To interact with Mexican society, with the victims, with the Mexico institutions, with the governmental institutions and to put pressure definitely on Mexico.
“When the eyes of the world say and portray or signal something that’s wrong in Mexico, that is the only moment that politicians do something in Mexico.”