Gaga Combats Leak By Releasing Judas Video Online

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May 5, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Lady Gaga has rushed to release the video for her new single Judas online after it leaked on Thursday morning, hours ahead of its big TV premiere.
The promo was due to air for the first time on Thursday evening on America’s E! network, but the full clip surfaced on the internet that morning, sending fans and gossip bloggers into a frenzy.

Links to the video were promptly removed after it emerged the release was unauthorised, but now Gaga has uploaded the complete five-and-a-half minute promo to her official website.

The film features a gang of bikers made up of Biblical apostles, alongside actors dressed as Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ, who dons a crown of thorns.

Gaga insists the religious imagery is just art.

She tells E! News, “I don’t view the video as a religious statement. I view it as social statement. I view it as a cultural statement.”

It’s the second Judas internet leak Gaga has had to deal with – the track hit the web several days before its official release last month.