Gaga Infuriates Canadian Officials With Crude City ‘slur’

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September 1, 2010 | 7:35am EST

Lady Gaga has infuriated officials in Edmonton, Canada after she posted a picture of a crudely defaced city slogan on the internet.

The pop superstar took to her page to share a photograph of an unusual sign she spotted while her crew was setting up at the Rexall Place venue for her show on Friday.

The sign, an homage to Edmonton’s reputation as the ‘Oil Capital of Canada’, was supposed to read, “Oil Country” but the second ‘o’ had been removed as workers placed spotlights around the hall.

Gaga posted the image with the caption “Holy mother of laughter”, but Edmonton’s mayor Stephen Mandel didn’t find the joke funny and slammed the star for being so crude.

He says, “Some things are disgusting and you shouldn’t have to say they’re disgusting. I think it demeans them more than anything else.”