Gaga’s Born This Way No Longer Banned In China

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July 14, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Lady Gaga is celebrating after learning Chinese officials have lifted a ban on her album Born This Way.
The Poker Face hitmaker’s latest release has caused controversy in more conservative countries across the world, including China and Lebanon, where culture ministers initially objected to the “offensive” pro-gay content of her songs.

But, on Thursday, Gaga announced the album is no longer restricted from sale in China, and fans there would now be able to purchase her music from retailers all over the country.

In a joyous post on, she writes, “More MonsterNews! The ban on sale of BORN THIS WAY in China has been lifted! Our trip to Asia has been enlightening+promising. Stand strong!”

Gaga recently wrapped a tour of Asia, during which she was honored with her own day in Taiwan.