Gallagher Brushes Off U.K. Store Looting

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September 1, 2011 | 4:15am EST

Liam Gallagher refuses to be angry after his store was looted during the U.K. riots last month, insisting he’s grateful none of his staff were injured.
Unrest spread across England in early August and thugs in Manchester targeted the rocker’s Pretty Green boutique.

An estimated $435,200 worth of stock was stolen and one Pretty Green looter, who pleaded guilty to two counts of burglary, was jailed for eight months after stealing $280 worth of clothing from the store.

Gallagher has now opened up about the incident, telling Time Out Tokyo magazine, “I don’t think it was personal… everyone got hit, didn’t they…

“The main thing is that no one got hurt and that works for Pretty Green. The gaff (shop) didn’t get burnt down, we’re insured. They’re only clothes, know what I mean.

“I wouldn’t want it to be happening on a weekly basis, but yeah man, everything’s been taken care of.”