Gary Powell Slams Morrissey Over Backstage Snub

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August 14, 2012 | 7:26am EST

The Libertines drummer Gary Powell has launched a broadside against controversial rocker Morrissey, branding the outspoken star a “p**ck” and a “k**b”.
The cult British band played on the same bill as the former The Smiths frontman after shooting to fame in 2002, and were photographed posing with him backstage.
But Powell claims the singer later snubbed him when they met at a New York Dolls gig in 2004, and he’s blasted Morrissey following the star’s recent comments slamming the London 2012 Olympic Games.
Powell told student magazine, “Morrissey created a character and everybody jumped on board, and then he kind of went into his little cave. I’m not a big Morrissey fan… When I played with the New York Dolls, Morrissey ignored me at soundcheck, and then we had a big meet and greet with everybody, and I was stood next to David Johansen from the New York Dolls.
“It was literally like meeting the queen. But Morrissey stopped at Johansen, chatted to him for a bit and then walked away. Morrissey is a k**b. He’s an absolute p**ck.”
In a post on, Powell stood by his sentiments, writing, “I don’t remember using that exact language but if I did – he had it coming!”