Geldof Breaks Down In Emotional Interview

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June 26, 2011 | 6:55pm EST

Irish rocker Bob Geldof broke down in tears during an emotional radio interview as he discussed his late ex-wife Paula Yates.
The rocker admits he felt suicidal when his marriage to the TV star broke down in 1995 and she left him for INXS rocker Michael Hutchence, and in a candid interview with Britain’s BBC Geldof became upset as he recounted memories of the split.

He tells presenter John Wilson, “When she left me I was destroyed. I loved her very much. And I didn’t understand why: never saw it coming. So I just floated; the pain was beyond immensity. The grief was universes of grief. My head was crowded with loss…”

Geldof reveals he came to close suicide and even made a list of reasons why he should live and why he should die – and he decided not to kill himself for the sake of his kids.

He adds, “I was beyond despair: I didn’t understand a single thing. It was so mad and ultimately epic in its tragedy… the pain was so intense…There was only one item in the list for why I should continue: it just said, ‘the children’.”

The full interview with Radio 4’s Meeting Myself Coming Back show will air in the U.K. next Saturday.