GET THE LOOK… Jessica Alba

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August 26, 2010 | 4:14pm EST

Back to her roots! Jessica Alba looks fierce with deeper tones and rockin’ shine. This season we’re seeing more dimension than ever before in hair color.

As summer draws to a close, clients seek ways to avoid sun damaged locks that look over processed with the season and with the sun.

An easy solution: “LOWE-LIGHTS”, or darker colors. Ask your salon professional to add deeper tones into his or her foiling technique which will give a dimensional effect, and lessen the appearance of over processed or sun damaged hair.

My rule of thumb with hair color is to always stay within 2-3 levels of your own natural color for the most natural looking results, or add multiple color tones to break up harsh lines or color contrast.

Color will also grow in more softly, and will last a lot longer.

Also, a longer face-framing area means Jessica has more styling options whether wearing it to frame neck and shoulders or pulling it back away from the face.

We think this look is red-carpet-ready!

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