GET THE LOOK…. Jordin Sparks

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August 27, 2010 | 3:27pm EST

Tighter curls need a lot of TLC and many people with this hair-type rarely allow time for hair to breathe.

For best results in achieving this look, I recommend working with styling creams as opposed to gels or mousse.

Styling creams will help give more “tame” and support to hair and also help seal the cuticle, giving the appearance of better polish and shine to the overall look.

Silicone serums will help add shine, but provide more slip than control so I don’t always recommend these products for this hair type unless you’re going for a smooth, straight and polished look which requires thermal styling.

Frequent visits with your salon professional as well as in-salon deep conditioning treatments on a regular basis help keep this hair type looking its best year-round.

When booking an appointment for a cut and style with this hair type, be sure you are working with a seasoned professional who understands this hair pattern, and how the cut affects the look whether you wear it in its natural state, or you decide on a smooth straight look.

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