GET THE LOOK… Rachel Bilson

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August 27, 2010 | 4:00pm EST

Rachel looks hot in these body conscious sleeves and careless tresses.

However I’m just not a fan of overgrown roots and the few straps of color blending at the scalp.

This color procedure, which is all the rage right now, can cause hair at the root to appear orange or golden, which doesn’t blend well with the natural or highlighted areas and looks disconnected from the overall color.

The placement at the root actually appears chunky, and misplaced.

Regrowth can show up as a harsh line, as seen in this photo, rather than the subtle blending that traditional highlighting can give.

On the flip-side, long flowing tresses are easily achieved with texture spray and finger styling.

If you don’t have texture spray, you can easily make your own.

Using a 3-4 oz spray bottle, apply 2 teaspoons of Epsom Salt to warm water and allow to dissolve.

Mist ends lightly with the spray, and diffuse dry using high heat, medium fan on your hair dryer.  This will give the look and feel of that sexy beach hair that gives lots of movement and shape.

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