Gibson Confronts Photographer

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January 25, 2012 | 11:30am EST

Mel Gibson confronted a photographer on Tuesday night after his friend fell to the floor trying to prevent the snapper from taking shots of the star.
The Mad Max actor was pursued by a paparazzo in Malibu, California and his pal attempted to deter the cameraman – but ended up falling to the ground when they collided.

In video footage of the incident, taken by, Gibson shouted at the snapper, “Hey, stop running around, dude. I saw you attack him. We are getting the police because you assaulted him.”

Addressing his friend, the actor added, “Hey, call the cops and report that this guy assaulted you, I saw him do it.”

Gibson’s pal then claimed, “You ran into me!”, but the photographer insisted: “I didn’t attack him, he attacked me.”

A member of Gibson’s party is reported to have called police but no report of a crime had been filed as WENN went to press.