Gibson Named In Rubber Deal Lawsuit

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June 15, 2011 | 9:00pm EST

Mel Gibson has a new legal woe – he has been named in a lawsuit about a business deal gone awry.
The movie star is being sued by a man who claims Gibson convinced him to invest in technology created by a Malaysian firm to recycle tyres.

In legal papers obtained by, Nader Sherif claims Gibson and an associate sold him on the company Green Rubber and bosses’ ideas to devulcanise rubber to recycle tyres at a dinner in 2007.

But he only agreed to pay the $200,000 investment fee after Gibson’s associate assured him the company would re-purchase Sherif’s stock whenever he wanted out of the deal.

The recession left Sherif needing the cash back, but when he approached Green Rubber bosses and asked them to buy his stock back, they reportedly refused.

Sherif is suing for $200,000 plus interest.