Glanville: ‘New Year’s Wedding Was Super Fun But I’m Not Married’

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January 2, 2012 | 9:00pm EST

Reality TV star and Leann Rimes’ one-time love rival Brandi Glanville has confirmed her one-day ‘marriage’ is over.
The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star, who was married to Rimes’ new husband Eddie Cibrian, wed mixed martial arts manager Darin Harvey on Saturday night in Las Vegas.

But it seems the New Year’s Eve wedding was just a little fun to usher in 2012.

Glanville tells Us Weekly magazine, “To make it legal, I have to go to the courthouse today and I don’t think we’re gonna. Super fun though!

“We’re not gonna stay married, but it was a fun way to start out the new year!”

A source says, “He (Harvey) came along with her to Vegas and they both got really drunk and thought it was a good idea at the time to get married… They kissed for the cameras and that was it. There’s nothing romantically there.”

Glanville and Cibrian split and then divorced after his romance with country singer Rimes was made public in 2009. Cibrian and Rimes wed last year.