Go-Gos Cancel Farewell Tour

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June 10, 2010 | 2:21pm EST

The Go-Go’s have scrapped plans for a summer farewell tour after guitarist Jane Wiedlin injured her knee in a hiking accident.
Wiedlin tore her ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) after falling 20 feet during a hike near her home in Northern California late last month.

She is scheduled for ACL replacement surgery in the coming weeks and faces up to a year of recovery.

And now the band is offering up refunds for fans hoping to catch the rockers on their planned final tour.

A statement from the band reads: “It is with great regret that the Go-Go’s announce today the cancellation of Happily Ever After, their summer farewell tour.

“The tour was scheduled to kick off July 7 at Lilith Fair San Diego, and conclude in Austin, TX on July 27. The band will also be unable to perform live on (TV show) Good Morning America, scheduled for July 16 in New York’s Central Park.”

Plans to reschedule the shows have not been announced.