Gravity Spin-off Poised To Make Oscars History

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November 22, 2013 | 3:55am EST

A short film made as a companion piece to Sandra Bullock’s sci-fi blockbuster Gravity could make Oscars history next year if both projects are nominated for Academy Awards.
Gravity is already a clear favourite to land a nod when the Oscars shortlist is announced, and now spin-off Aningaaq, which was directed by filmmaker Alfonso Cuaron’s son Jonas, has been put up for consideration in the Live-Action Short category.
If both projects are shortlisted, they will be the first feature and spin-off to be nominated in the same year.
Aningaaq is set in Greenland and recreates a scene from Gravity, in which Bullock’s character Dr. Ryan Stone, who is lost in space with no transmission to Earth, is given a glimmer of hope when she contacts a male Inuit.
In the feature, Bullock attempts to explain her dire situation, while being comforted by the sounds of a barking dog and a crying baby.
The seven minute spin-off, which was shot for Gravity’s DVD release, revisits the scene from the Inuit’s perspective.
Gravity, who co-stars George Clooney, has already pulled in over $535 million at the global box office since its release in October.