Grieving Warwick Preparing For Emotional ‘break Down’

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March 8, 2012 | 2:16pm EST

Singer Dionne Warwick is bracing herself for an emotional breakdown when the death of her cousin Whitney Houston really sinks in.
Warwick admits she’s in a state of disbelief about the February tragedy and she hasn’t found the time to properly mourn the star.

During an interview on breakfast show Good Morning America on Thursday, she said, “It’s still very surreal. It still hasn’t really sunk in… I am heading towards being OK. I’ve not had an opportunity to really mourn or completely break down, which I will do, I know that. But I think the comfort comes in knowing she’s in good hands now. She’s in the best hands right now.”

Warwick also shed light on the mental well-being of her tight-knit family, insisting Cissy Houston, the tragic superstar’s mother, is actually coping quite well.

She adds, “I am so proud of her. She’s really holding up so very well. She has her moments of course, and will continue to have her moments. I think she’s come to terms with it, just about now, the realisation that it actually happened. It’s gonna take quite a bit of time…

“It’s not an easy thing for a parent to lose a baby. I think you’d probably find me in a straight jacket (if that were me) but she’s doing OK.”

Houston was found dead in her Los Angeles hotel room bathtub on 11 February and one week later, Walk on By singer Warwick took to the podium to speak at the music icon’s funeral in her native New Jersey.