Grimes Receives Rape Threats Online

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January 2, 2013 | 2:11pm EST

Canadian singer/songwriter Grimes is considering blocking fan responses to her website after receiving a series of rape threats online.
The star, real name Claire Boucher, ended 2012 by scrapping a European tour over health issues and it seems her woes are continuing into 2013.
Just days before the New Year, she revealed her bid to connect with fans by answering their direct questions has backfired.
The Oblivion hitmaker wrote: “I think I need to turn off the Q/A thing because I’ve been getting, like, rape threats and stuff lol. I guess that’s not funny.
“I get scared a lot and people can be incredibly cruel… Sometimes I completely break down. There is a ton of pressure on me all the time, and a lot of people really hate me and are certainly not meek about letting me know that. If you decide to do something and it’s different from what other people are doing, you will probably make some people very angry and words can be devastating.”