Hagman Turns Vegan To Fight Cancer

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January 9, 2012 | 4:10am EST

Actor Larry Hagman has shed 25 pounds (11.3 kilograms) after turning vegan in a bid to overcome cancer.
The Dallas legend announced in October he is receiving treatment for the illness and he overhauled his lifestyle following the diagnosis.

Hagman is convinced his new diet is helping him beat the disease, insisting: “I’m feeling great and I’m back on track.”

He tells Britain’s Mail On Sunday, “I’ve finished treatment and the doctors are thrilled with my progress. My outcome looks very positive. It’s my firm intention to whop cancer into submission and I truly believe I’ve given myself the best start possible by radically overhauling my diet and by staying true to my motto, which is: Don’t worry, be happy, feel good.

“The first thing I did when I was diagnosed was to turn vegan. Now I live on fresh vegetable drinks which taste like c**p but which I firmly believe have helped me get through this thing.

“I’m down in weight from 14 stone 9 pounds to 12 stone 12 pounds but am feeling great. I fully anticipate getting the all-clear from my doctors sooner rather than later. I exercise every morning. I do light weights – five pound and 10 pound arm exercises – and then lie and lift my arms and legs. It’s all about keeping core strength. I do a lot of stretching too.”

The 80 year old has also credited his Dallas co-star Linda Gray with helping him make the changes.

He adds, “Linda knows a lot about nutrition and she was the one who said if I really wanted to get through this, I had to purify my body and then feed it well.

“I have this wonderful personal chef who sources and stocks all my organic produce and I basically live on five smoothies a day. I’m totally vegan. I blend this green concoction with kale, cucumber, broccoli, string beans, avocado. My protein comes from protein powder. There is absolutely no milk, butter, cheese.

“Meat is out. When you learn about these things, you find out how meat is pumped full of steroids and human growth hormones.”