Hamm Blames Battling Billionaires For Mad Men Delay

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June 7, 2011 | 9:00pm EST

Actor Jon Hamm has shrugged off the delays halting the next series of Mad Men, insisting it’s to be expected from the “billionaires” in charge of the hit show.
The fifth series was slated to start shooting earlier this year, but studio bosses at Lionsgate failed to agree a deal over the program with TV distributors, and now the show won’t hit TV screens until 2012.

Recent reports suggested TV network bosses at AMC wanted characters cut and shorter episodes to allow more time for advertising, but Hamm insists this is nothing out of the ordinary – because once a show starts to make big money, the executives behind the concept take long to carve out deals.

He tells the BBC, “It was nobody’s fault really, it was the network and the studio. When billionaires fight it tends to take a lot longer than when normal people do.

“The show has garnered a lot of interest and is worth a lot of money worldwide now. They all realize that, so they want to fight about that. God bless them. That’s what corporations do.”

And Hamm is adamant there should be an end date in sight for the show – praising the U.K. version of The Office for ending early and leaving fans wanting more.

He adds, “I think it should end. Everything should end. I was a big fan of The Office over here because it ended.”