Heather Locklear Banned From Possessing Gun While On Bail

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March 14, 2018 | 8:25am EST

Heather Locklear has been temporarily banned from possessing any firearms while she is on bail for battery charges.
The former Dynasty star was arrested for felony domestic violence and three charges of misdemeanor battery on a peace officer after police arrived at her home in February following reports of a dispute with her boyfriend, and she allegedly yelled expletives, struck officers and threatened to shoot them when they tried to put her in custody.
A hearing took place in Ventura County Superior Court on Tuesday, and the actress was charged with four counts of battery on a sheriff’s officer and one count of obstructing an officer, escaping any domestic violence offense.
The judge ruled that the 56-year-old could not hold any firearms as a condition of her bail after district attorney Thomas Dunlevy asked for the restriction to be added. Though, according to The Press Association, her defense attorney William Haney had argued, “I don’t think my client has had a gun for many decades.”
Ventura County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Sergeant Eric Buschow said outside the court, “She said (on the night she was arrested) that if they (the officers) ever come back to the house that she would shoot them.”
As a consequence, authorities are looking for a handgun registered to the actress. They searched her home last week but didn’t find it.
“Detectives searched her house, she was not there and they did not find the gun,” Buschow told E! News. “They were there maybe two hours… We know (the gun) is not at the house… That aspect of it still part of an ongoing investigation.”
Locklear, who was admitted to a treatment facility shortly after her arrest, was released on a $20,000 bail and is scheduled to appear in court on 13 April.