Hedren Thrilled By Miller Casting In Biopic

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December 5, 2011 | 6:00pm EST

Actress Tippi Hedren is thrilled by the casting of British actress Sienna Miller in a new film about her relationship with legendary filmmaker Alfred Hitchcock.
The Birds star, who became the owner of a big cat sanctuary after she was attacked by a lion on the set of 1981 film Roar!, has already met with the Alfie star at her Shambala Preserve in California and insists the actress is the perfect choice to play her on film.

Hedren tells WENN, “I’m thrilled and honoured to have such an accomplished actress, a woman who is beautiful, an incredible talent, a humanitarian, and with all of that… she displays an enormously delightful sense of humour!

“We were able to spend several hours together at The Shambala Preserve, which is my home as well as the sanctuary for the rescued big cats. We talked like we had known each other for years… I just love that girl, Sienna Miller, the other Tippi… Sienna loves the lions, tigers, and, The Birds, Oh, MY!”

And Hedren is convinced the BBC project will be a big hit: “Having a film done about yourself… is an amazingly daunting thought! (But) the script is very close to being right on!”

The film, based on biographer Donald Spoto’s book, Spellbound By Beauty, will explore Hedren’s relationship with The Birds director Hitchcock, who allegedly became infatuated with his leading lady while they were working together.

The movie will debut in Britain next year.