Helen Mirren Makes Amends For Theater Outburst

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May 6, 2013 | 11:22am EST

Dame Helen Mirren attempted to make amends for her outburst at a group of drummers on Saturday by sporting a homemade T-shirt promoting their cause.
The veteran actress stormed out of the Gielgud Theater in London during the interval of her hit play The Audience while still dressed as Britain’s Queen Elizabeth II to berate a group of 25 drummers playing outside the venue and demand they stop as the noise was interrupting the performance.
The actress later admitted she was too harsh on the group, who had staged a parade in the capital’s Soho area to promote the As One In The Park gay rights festival, telling Britain’s Daily Telegraph she would like to invite them to the show.
And the Oscar winner later showed her support for the movement by stepping out of her London home on Monday in a white T-shirt emblazoned with the event’s name, venue and date in large black letters.
She also poked fun at the incident by drawing a picture of a drum on the back of the top alongside the words, “Yes please, just not outside the theater.”
As One In The Park will take place in London’s Victoria Park on 26 May.