Heroes Bosses Hit With $60 Million Lawsuit – Report

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May 19, 2010 | 2:42pm EST

TV executives for hit U.S. show Heroes are facing a $60 million (£40 million) lawsuit from a comic book artist who alleges they copied one of his storylines, according to a new report.
Jason Barnes has filed the multi-million dollar claim against TV network NBC over the inclusion of a travelling carnival plot in the drama, which he claims was copied from his comic story Jazan Wild’s Carnival Of Souls!
In the papers, obtained by celebrity blogger Perez Hilton, Barnes’ lawyer states, “The settings and the storylines are virtually the same. The main character in both stories leads a carnival of lost souls and outcasts. This dark character seeks to make his carnival more powerful by recruiting new members with special abilities.
“The appearance of some of the characters is also virtually identical to those in the plaintiff’s books… Even the dialogue is similar. Indeed, some of the scenes in Heroes appear as if the plaintiff’s books were used as storyboards by the defendants.”