Hilton Donates Halloween Gifts To Children’s Charity

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October 14, 2010 | 2:25pm EST

Socialite Paris Hilton showed off her generous side on Wednesday by donating Halloween gifts and decorations to a California children’s charity.
Hilton and her boyfriend Cy Waits spent a day shopping for spooky gifts, pumpkins and candy, before handing it all over to staff at the Rescue Mission Shelter in downtown Los Angeles.

After her spree, Hilton – who is currently trying to improve her image after a spate of drug arrests over the summer – logged into her Twitter.com blog to share her news with followers.

She wrote, “Just got home. Had a great day today. Cy and I went to the pumpkin patch to buy a bunch of pumpkins. Also some tools to carve and paint them and lots of candy and toys.

“Brought everything down to the children at The Rescue Mission Shelter. They were all so excited and grateful. It’s such an amazing feeling to make a child smile and be happy.”