Hilton Rescues 20 Bunnies

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September 17, 2010 | 11:45am EST

Paris Hilton must be hopping mad – she’s adopted 20 bunnies which were set to become snacks for snakes.

The animal-loving socialite already has a huge collection of pets at her Los Angeles mansion, including 17 dogs, a number of cats and even several exotic birds.

And after making one of her regular trips to the pet store, Hilton couldn’t help but step in to save 20 rabbits after learning of their stomach-churning destiny.

On her Twitter.com page, she writes, “Feeding My Bunnies a Late Night Snack (sic).

“The bunnies were meant to be feeders. I saw them at the pet store and they told me they were for snake food and I had to save them.

“I rescued 20 of them. They are now happy living in my backyard. They are all so happy, so nice to have changed their fate.”