Hilton Slams Shahi’s Driving Rant

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April 27, 2011 | 7:35am EST

Paris Hilton has hit back at allegations she almost crashed into actress Sarah Shahi’s car earlier this month, insisting it must have been a lookalike behind the wheel.
Last week the Fairly Legal star took to Twitter.com to launch a scathing tirade at the hotel heiress over the alleged incident in Los Angeles.

Shahi wrote, “Paris Hilton – worst driver ever. Almost hit me, then ran a stop sign. What if there was a kid around that corner, you dumb b**ch.”

But Hilton has now spoken out to slam the accusation, insisting Shahi has confused her with a doppelganger.

She tells Extra News, “I was so shocked when I read that. I wasn’t even driving that day. I just came back from Vegas with my boyfriend – and we were home relaxing. I hadn’t even been in the car that day.

“There are a lot of Paris Hilton lookalikes who do it for a living. They’re always doing things and I’m getting blamed for it. So this could be another incident like that.”